Dronetec launches impartial blog to help all drone pilots...

Dronetec begins launching a blog page to help the UAV industry.

Like so many commercial drone operators or hobbyists we all love our trade.

Flying drones has many challenges from public opinion to business strategy. These blogs are designed to help us discover the pitfalls and hopefully highlight some solutions.

To begin, let's have a few comments from our Chief Pilot at Dronetec - Harry Turner.

"I've had a privileged start my flying days early. From way back being 15 and my dad treating me to flying lessons, i've always had a passion for being in the skies. When drone's started to hit the skies a few years back, it was a safari documentary filmed completely by drones that inspired me to try it out myself."

"Since November 2015 i've operated as a commercial drone operator with insurance and Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW) from the CAA. Future blogs will look into the challenges i've personally faced and what solutions others have helped me find."

"Recently I had the opportunity to help out at www.multirotorcraft.co.uk and get a good look into the technology behind this industry as well as meet some inspiring inderviduals."

"I'm looking forward to sharing some of my findings and sharing some exciting projects too!"

Stay tuned for monthly updates!

Real Estate Photograph, WIcken Ely

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