Dronetec aerial video drone over the ocean

About Dronetec

We are based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. We legally fly UAV drone platforms all around the UK. Sometimes we even use cinema quality helicopters to deliver stunning aerial video for a variety of industries.

We use high quality drones and cameras specially designed for each application. Our largest drone can stabley carry a RED epic, an Arri Alexa Mini, Black Magic Cinema Camera or Canon 5D. Whatever the camera upto 4.5kg we can fly it.


Our aerial filming services are ideal for TV and Documentries. High quality aerial video really adds production value to a film or TV project.

Similarly with aerial photography we carry a high quality DSLR to give customers maximum felxibility with RAW images ideal for media such as banners, posters or web images.

High Quality drones for aerial filming
How can we help you?

Aerial photography is a unique way to give a perspective on your story. Whether your are a business or an individual, contact us and we can find a way to add another dimensions to what you see.

Look at what we can help you with:
  • Stunning Wedding Video

  • Certificate of Practical Completion Pictures

  • Event Videos

  • Land and Farm Surveys 

  • Business Video Advertisements

  • Roof and Chimney Inspection

  • Aerial Videos over London and other Cities

  • Drones to carry your cameras such as RED Epic's, Arri Alexa, Black Magic Ursa and Cinema Camera's

  • Black Grass Inspections

High quality gimbals provide stabilsation from our drones